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The Custom Brackets FM is a flash mounting plate to attach Metz MZ50 and MZ70 barrrel type flash to Custom Bracket flash mounts.

Bargain Price: £14.30

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Westcott Triple Threat

The Westcott Triple Threat Flash Bracket is designed to provide an elegant and affordable solution to mounting three flashguns on the shaft of a Parabolic Umbrella, Halo or Apollo. This bracket allows you to centre the guns perfectly within the modifier making full use of the surfaces and giving a uniform light. The adjustable shoe fitting allows fitting of almost all standard hotshoe mounted flashguns (except Sony/Minolta).

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Interfit Strobies XS Bracket

If you're looking to use your flashgun as an off-camera flash head and wish to use standard lighting accessories with an S-Type fitting, the Interfit's XS Bracket will be ideal for you; enabling the use of mount full-size beauty dishes and similar accessories. The bracket includes a standard 7” reflector for the attachment of honeycombs, snoots and similar devices.

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Lastolite Joe McNally Triflash

The Lastolite Joe McNally TriFlash is the latest addition to the successful TriFlash range. Joe's version of this product features unique rotating shoe mounts which allow him to position his flashguns so that the IR receiver on the guns are always pointing to camera position, ensuring reliable off camera flash triggering, particularly in bright conditions where Joe sometimes finds IR triggering can be difficult.

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Wimberley M-2 Upright Flash Bracket Module

The Wimberley flash bracket system is beautifully engineered and highly modular; fitting together securely and providing you with an enormously versatile way of attaching flashes and accessories to your camera. Don't compromise: Build and modify your flash bracket system with pieces which precisely conform to your desired specification. The flash is connected via Arca-style QR clamps and all fitting knobs are captured, to prevent accidental loss. Module 2 Forms a vertical upright for the F-1 telephoto bracket.

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Custom Brackets Digital-SB Side Bracket

This side-bracket with foam grip - evocative of traditional flashgun mounts - makes not only a great platform for flash triggers, mics and other accessories, but also serves as an additional grip to aid in steadying the camera (when shooting video, for example). Constructed from anodised aluminium, the grip is both strong and lightweight.

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