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After a 7 year professional career in Track and Field that included 2 Olympic Games, I fully understand the importance of a strong core for optimal athletic performance. This course will guide you through the proper way of strengthening the core. Whether you are looking to compete in sports or not, this course is a perfect starting point for those looking to get into strength and conditioning for better health, fitness and a greater physique. This course will guide you through the proper development of core strength. With a focus on proper technique (The Olympian Way), you will re-align your hips for proper posture, while strengthening and toning the core. This workout routine is THE PERFECT BEGINNER ROUTINE, yet challenging enough for those with several years in fitness. In less than 25 minutes a day, you will build a better core than you ever thought possible, and it will take less than 1 week for you to start noticing incredible results.

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