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This Contract Law course summarizes the fundamentals of American legal system related to the expression of the free will of bargaining and entering into legally binding and valid agreements. It is directed towards the broadest audience and requires no special knowledge or educational background in the field of Law, Business or Administration. The course is structured in a way that will allow the listener to take time to learn and estimate the basic notions of Contract law. The outcome of its taking will be the more professional and learned approach of the student towards the matter of the framing of business relations and their legal aspects and implications. The primary goals of the course are to:- familiarize the students with the fundamentals of Contract Law,- prepare themselves for examinations an a clear and structured way that will save them a lot of time and further reading,- help them work with ease with the basic terminology in the area and - broaden the knowledge of the way business agreements operate in an environment conformed with the legal standards. The course can be especially helpful for students who are not native English speakers and are not familiarized in detail with the Common law terminology, related to Contract law. These students may be called a special target group of the current course.

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