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Connekt Hollow Pole Elastic The Connekt Hollow Duo-Wall Hyperlasic is available in six different sizes. The pole elastic is super stretchy and hard wearing. Connekt Hollow Due-Walled Hyperlasic > 8x Stretch > Silk Smooth > Long lasting > low friction > Hard wearing > High visibility Multi Size 5-8

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Avanti Double Elastic

Avanti Double Elastic The Avanti Double Elastic is A complete range of ready lubricated double Fluro coloured latex elastics to cover you for all fishing from roach and skimmers to margin carp. A smooth and forgiving Double Elastic which comes in 5 different sizes. Avanti Double Elastic > Available in 5 sizes > Size 3 > Size 4 > Size 5 > Size 6 > Size 8 > Length 5 meters Multi Size 3

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Avanti Complete Elastication Kits

Avanti Complete Elastication Kits There are four elastic strengths in this Complete Elastication Kit range, each pack consists of over 5m of elastic - enough to set up four or five top kits - plus bung, connector and pole tip bush. There's even a diagram on the packet to show you how to elasticate your pole at home - in just a few minutes! > Complete Elastication Kits > Size 8-12 - ideal for silverfish and F1 carp. > Size 12-16 - carp to 6lb plus tench and bream - perfect for shallow fishing. > Size 14-18 - for carp from 6lb to 10lb - fishing on the bottom. > Size 16-20 - margin fishing for big carp - hit and hold power elastic. Match One Size

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Avanti Twisted Elastic

Avanti Twisted Elastic The Avanti Twisted Elastic has incredible stretch factor and visibility that is supplied in five different sizes. Avanti Twisted Elastic > Twisted latex > Available in five sizes Pure Latex Size 2

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Avanti Vac Pac Kit

Avanti Vac Pac Kit Keeping bait fresh is an age-old problem for anglers, especially when it comes to week-long sessions or dealing with leftover bait at the end of a match or pleasure trip but thanks to Avanti's clever little vac-pac kit, you'll never need to throw bait away again! In just seconds you can turn pints of maggots, tins of corn or kilos of boilies into securely vacuum packed bags that can then be frozen, stored in a fridge or even kept in a cool bag without any fear of them turning or going off and it all takes just a few seconds to do either on the bank or when you get home. The bags also provide a handy way of turning live maggots into deads, something normally done only by freezing them or pouring in hot water, both time consuming and a little haphazard ways of achieving the perfect 'deads'. With the Vac-Pac kit though, you'll drive out all of the air and seal the maggots tightly, killing them but more importantly meaning that when it's time to go fishing you simply turn them out of the bag and they’re super soft and ready for the hook. Casters can also get the same treatment but won't suffer from the 'burn' that freezing them always produces, expander pellets, luncheon meat, corn and even a lovingly-concocted groundbait also able to receive the same treatment and come back as fresh as ever while for carp anglers, spod mixes, freezer baits and particles can also be packed up safely. Each pack contains six bags that can store one, two and three litres of bait plus the small hand pump that draws out the air in seconds. How to use 1. Select the size of bag you require and tip your bait into it. Seal the top. 2. Insert the pump into the neck on the side of the bag, making sure there’s a tight fit. 3. Begin pumping. You'll see the air drawn out of the bag and the plastic begin to shrink tightly...

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Avanti Fluro Latex elastic

Avanti Fluro Latex elastic A complete range of ready lubricated Fluro coloured latex elastics to cover you for all fishing from roach and skimmers to margin carp. A smooth and forgiving elastic, Avanti Fluro Latex comes in eight strengths from a lightweight 4-6 Red for silverfish on shallow waters right up to the heavyweight 16-18 Green for margins and all heavy duty carp fishing tactics. > Avanti Fluro Latex Elastic > Size 4-6 Red - Small roach and skimmers on shallow venues. > Size 5-7 Yellow - Roach, skimmers, commercial silverfish. > Size 6-8 Light Blue - Small carp to 2lb, stockies, bream, and F1s. > Size 8-10 Green - F1's, small carp 3lb to 4lb. > Size 10-12 Red - Carp 3lb to 5lb on deeper water tactics. > Size 12-14 Yellow - Shallow fishing for carp to 6lb, tench, bigger bream. > Size 14-16 Dark Blue - Carp to 8lb plus, deep water venues, big tench. > Size 16-18 Green - Margin fishing, heavy duty carp fishing. Multi Size 5-7

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