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Calocloth is regarded as the finest microfibre cleaning cloth on the market. Unlike other cloths which we have laboratory tested, the Calotherm cloth actually removed grease and residue... rather than merely pushing it around. - De Beers LV. The special properties of the fibre have also been enhanced during the final stages of production. The cloth is reduced in size resulting in a greater concentration of fibres. Calotherm's first grade cloth has super fine fibres with micron thin sides that, after high-density processing, leave an ideal micro-structure able to remove fine dust and dirt, grease and water. Polyester and Nylon are skilfully knitted and shrunk giving the cloth tough friction resistance properties that prevents it from shredding. It contains no chemicals, making it a safe cloth suitable for multiple uses. Also, the perfect cleaner for TV/ Computer Screens, HiFi systems and Binoculars. Optical lens cleaning wipes The perfect cleaner for TV/ Computer Screens, HiFi systems and Binocular Antistatic & anti-mist formula Aids surface demisting Resealable pack with 20 wipes This is a listing for 2 packs.

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