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In this course leaders learn more about the workings of the brain to help lead more effectively. Leadership is a people's game. Understand people's social style, and you will learn more about influencing them and collaborating better. Understanding human bank accounts will help you get more out of people, with less effort. Knowing what an amygdala hijack is, helps leaders with conflict resolution. Developing the right leadership style gets the most out of you and your team. This course is informative, yet practical. There are 5 lectures with 4 hours of video content. Completing the quizzes will help you learn faster and implement changes quickly. Taking this course will help you spend less time and effort, but get more out of people. It will empower you with skills to read people better and understand the real drivers of performance. Neuroscience is the way to go with leadership development and has become the latest buzzword in leadership development. All videos are available in MP3 and MP4 audio format so that you can access this course on the move.

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