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Many of us chose to start a business to create a lifestyle of freedom and passion. Too often we realize too late that somehow we ended up trading one job for another.If you're still trading your time for dollars - if you don't have systems in place - if you ARE the business, then you're really not building a business. You're creating a job that no one is going to want.And that's a problem. You see, I've worked with owners who got sick. Or others who needed to move to a new area. Or some who just decided they needed to change careers. But they had little options.It's said in the business brokering industry (these are folks who buy / sell businesses every day) that 4 out of 5 businesses don't sell.In reality it's been my own personal experience that the numbers are more like 9 out of 10. And worst of all it typically takes 6 to 8 months to sell a business - that's one that DOES sell.We're going to cover -What is the one site you do NOT want to advertise your business for saleMake sure you have this document signed or you may just lose your businessHow can you make that you get the most value for your hard workand much more!Since 2006, I've been helping business owners with their planning and strategy. Over the years I've learned that these hard working folks really do support our economy. But unfortunately it also means that they often don't benefit from their hard work because they are missing just a few key pieces of the puzzle.Now it's my job to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to see how their business isn't just a way to serve their customers. But it can also serve as a vehicle to reach the success and freedom that they've always dreamed of.This course is for educational purposes only. Everyone should seek legal and financial advice from professional advisers. (Photo: Ramin Hossaini)

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