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The XM-L T6 Bulb has a maximum output of 975 Lm per bulb. Other sellers stating 5,000 Lm are incorrect as it is impossible for the XM-L T6 to output that amount of light. False advertising from Chinese Sellers - View XM-L LED Specification Table below. Our product is 100% UK Stock with FULLY certified CE Charger.XM-L LEDWidely used in high power flashlights, this larger die LED was first available in November 2011, offering efficacy of 160 lumens per watt at 350mA. Output is as high as 340 lumens at 700mA (bin U3, which is still rare) therefore it is more efficient and puts out more light at any current than earlier single-die Cree LEDs. However the biggest improvement to overall output is the XM-L can be driven to 3000mA for 1100 lumens of output. Because the XM-L is binned at 700mA, the bin numbers do not correlate exactly to those of the smaller die LEDs which are binned at 350mA. The LED die is 2mm x 2mm on a 5mm x 5mm substrate with 6 yellow strips and 3 bonding wires as opposed to the XP-G with 4 strips and 2 bonding wires and the XP-E with 3 strips and 2 bonding wires.Bulb700mA100% 1000mA137.5% 1500mA195% 3000mA325%T2200-220275-303390-429650-715T3220-240303-330429-468715-780T4240-260330-358468-507780-845T5260-280358-385507-546845-910T6280-300385-413546-585910-975U2300-320413-440585-624975-1040U3320-340440-468624-6631040-1105 The Brite-R® Duo 2x XM-L T6 CREE LED Water-Resitant Bicycle Light/Headlight is perfect for low visibility and places where there is no light. Visible to both pedestrians and cars the light will reduce the chance of accidents & keep you safe on the road. This bicycle light has twin LED units to make it even brighter than a single LED unit, which will help illuminate the road even more. This light will light up your path up to 200 metres with its powerful 1,300 Lumen LED bulbs, which helps you to see where you are going. The powerful 6,000mAh battery allows up to 3 hours on full power; however it can be increased significantly if you use the less power intensive modes. This model comes with 4 different settings, you can choose between the 4 settings depending on the conditions you are riding in. Using the less power intensive modes will significantly increase battery life. The battery pack attaches to the frame of your bicycle so it is not in your way, which makes the light compact and not bulky. Can be mounted on your bicycle handlebar or onto your helmet/head using the adjustable head strap.This light is available in 3 different colours: Black, Blue and Red. Package Includes: 1x CREE XML T6 LED 2x Light Unit 2x Rubber Ring Bicycle Handlebar/Headstrap Mount 1x 6,000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (4 1,500mAh batteries interconnected)1x Battery Holder (attaches to bicycle frame)1x Adjustable Head/Helmet Strap1x UK 3-PIN Battery Charger (BS Standard, CE Certified)

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