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Designed to be attached to a backpack, the BlackRapid Backpack Breathe is a cross-body strap that is suitable for both left- and right-handed photographers. The length of the strap can be easily adjusted, and it is connected via secure aluminium-alloy snap-lock carabineers. Spring-loaded bumper locks can be slid up and down the strap to limit excess camera movement. A nylon carry bag is included.

Bargain Price: £49.95

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Eddycam 50mm - Black/Nature

Designed for use with mirrorless cameras, the Eddycam 50mm strap is able to hold up to 2.6kg of weight. It features a wax coating for protection from the elements as well as four stainless steel clips for adjusting the length, and is made from Scandinavian elk leather with natural built-in rubber padding. Stylish and functional, this comfortable strap reaches 154cm in length, and is 50mm wide.

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Peak Design PRO Plate

Everything you could possibly want in one quick-release plate. PROplate works in ARCA-type tripod heads, and can also be configured to fit in both ARCA and Manfrotto RC2 tripod heads. Slides into Capture in 4 directions. Contains 4 loops for Peak Design Anchors. Machined/anodised construction.

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Eddycam 35mm - Black/Nature

Made from Scandinavian elk leather, the comfortable Eddycam 35mm strap is designed specifically with the LEICA M, Fuji X, Sony 7, Olympus OM-D, and other similar cameras in the mind. Its 155cm length can be adjusted via the included stainless steel clamps, making it suitable for most users and applications. Combining style and elegance with functionality, this strap measures 35mm in width.

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B-Grip Travel Kit

The B-Grip Travel Kit is a kit designed around the B-Grip (B-Grip not included) and includes a slip-on-rain cover and a universal adapter for mounting the B-Grip onto a backpack. The B-Grip universal adapter enables you to attach your camera directly to the shoulder strap of your backpack harness. Your camera is now easily accessible and ready when walking, for instant photography. The Universal adaptor is easy to fit and is supplied with a safety lanyard to ensure it cannot accidentally detach from your back pack harness. The Travel kit also includes a convenient rain cover that's simple to pull over your camera if you're caught out in a shower.

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Eddycam 33mm Premium - Blue/Nature

Made from Scandinavian elk leather with natural built-in rubber padding, the Eddycam 33mm Premium strap is a high-quality camera strap that is suitable for compact and small bridge cameras. At 33mm wide and 140cm long, this strap is suitable for a wide variety of users and applications. A wax coating protects it from the elements, and stainless steel clips allow you to adjust the length.

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