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4Yards More Golf Tee First & only tee proven in both "Robotic" & "Field" tests to improve distance. Flexible six-prong tip reduces resistance & allows better contact. Durable lasts for over 100 drives.4 Yards More Golf Tee is a reusable golf tee that will add more yards to your driving distance. The tee is designed with a rigid polymer stake and a dynamic elastomer crown. The body and individual fingers of the crown flex with the force of the drive to reduce resistance at impact. The ball launches off the tee with less friction and low ball spin resulting in longer straighter drives.Tournament play legal conforms to USGA and R&A regulations.Testimonials"I am hitting the ball further with better contrl. That's the edge I need on tour." Champions Tour Pro Gil Morgan"I am driving it 10 yards more." LPGA Pro Jackie Gallagher-Smith

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Lignum Microwood Tees

LIGNUM TEEStarting with a white sheet of paper provides an enviable advantage one can dream about the best with no regard for the legacy. This is the situation we have been in when we decided to design a new Tee. We started by identifying all the features that will make a great Tee. We have considered several designs forms and materials and selected the ones that best satisfy the requirements of a highest-performance Tee. Based on this selection we set out to build in innovative functions which give the new Tee a decisive edge over competing products. The effort paid off as we managed to incorporate into the new design key differentiating and functionality-augmenting features.RingSystem the power of height consistencyLignum are the first tees with integrated height control - the innovative mechanism allows players to quickly and easily set up the same height over and over again. MicrowoodLignum Tees use specifically developed environmental material for perfect stability.Easy Exit S

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Champ Fly Tees

2 3/4" Available in 40 Pack 3 1/4" Available in 30 Pack Shallow cup for minimum resistance and more distanceBiodegradeableDurable and long lasting

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Pride Offset Plastic Tees (15 Blister Pack)

Offset Plastic TeesA revolutionary new design of golf tee with the head offset from the shank. Manufactured from strong durable plastic. Optimal launch angle promotes a solid contact between the ball and club face. The most advanced tee permitted by the R&A and the USGA. Allows a launch angle and contact point unachievable with other golf tee designs. Unique 30 degree offset helps to achieve longer drives by creating contact with the clubface at its maximum speed and optimum angle. The optimal launch angle combined with reduced friction produces the most innovative high performance golf tee on the market. Available in two lengths: 2" (70mm) - Yellow 3" (83mm) - Blue

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Jumbo Rubber Winter Tees (3 Pack)

The Jumbo Pyramid Tees have been specifically designed for use on frozen ground or mats meaning you can carry on playing whatever the weather. Each colour signifies a different height allowing you to tee up the ball to suit your preference. Blue - 5/8" (17mm) Yellow - 7/8" (22mm) Red - 1 3/4" (44mm)

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Just when you think you've almost got that perfect drive you're within a breath of nailing the perfect tee shot take away the tee and replace it with a Brush-TThe humble tee has been an underestimated weapon of advantage in the game of golf until now. Players have failed to take into account the arguably fractional disadvantage plastic and wooden tees place on their game. At the drive your club is travelling at up to 98 miles per hour and anything that touches it at that speed is going to have an effect. This is now arguable no longer! Just a 'kiss' at that speed will skew the ball. The Brush-T bristles have been designed to do away with that. The ball is supported largely by air and so it's less than a breath that helps put the ball into flight. The frantic speed of the clubface at impact is concentrated so perfectly on the ball that the sheer kinetic energy helps such a perfect spank that you as a golfer must must use this.In a game renowned for making players obsessed with perfe

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