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The Phot-R Background Lighting Kit includes all the essential items you need to have the perfect Photo Studio setup at a low cost. It includes 2x 135W 5500k CFL Bulbs, 2x 50x70cm Softboxes, 4x 2m Stands, 2x Bulb Holders (integrated with softboxes), 1x 3m Crossbar, 3x Non-Woven 3x3m Backdrops in Black, Green and White and 3x Muslin Clamps. Softbox Lighting Kit comes with 2x 50x70cm Softboxes, 2x 2m Stands 2x Bulb Holder (integrated with softboxes)s and a Carry Case. Background Support System comes with 2x 2m Stands, 1x 4 piece 3m Crossbar and a Carry Case. Our 135W CFL bulbs are the equivalent to a 675W incandescent bulb. They’re very bright and have a low energy rating for their output. Bulbs: Operating Voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz Watts: 135W equal to 675W Lumens: 1500 Colour Temperature: 5500K +/- 100K Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 90+ Full-spectrum: Yes Fitment: Medium Edison Screw (Helix Interface E27) Rated Life: 10000 hours Softbox Kit: Input Voltage: 220V AC Weight: 4.7kg Lamps: E27 Fluorescent Bulbs Softbox: 50x70cm Softboxes Light Stand Height: 80-200cm Backdrop Support System: Material: Aluminium Size: 2x3m Folded Height: 68cm Minimum Height: 72cm Maximum Height: 200cm Crossbar Sections: 4 (75cm each) Crossbar Width: 1.5-3m Weight: 2.8kg Backdrops: Material: Non-Woven Colour: Black/Green/White Dimensions: 3x3m Muslin Clamp: Maximum Jaw Capacity: 5cm Dimensions: 10x7.5x2cm Weight: 32g Colour: Black Please Note: Non-Woven Backdrops can be ironed when on its lowest setting. To remove any dirt, use a damp cloth and to get rid of any creases you can iron the backdrop when using the lowest setting and a damp cloth between the backdrop and the iron. Phot-R products come with a 1-year limited warranty. High quality E27 135W CFL bulbs, equivalent to a 675W incandescent bulb Provides accurate colour representation so no filters needed 3 Backdrops and a Background Support System inclueded 2 Carry Cases help with transportation and and protecting equipment Maintain the same studio light setup

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